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In Europe, stocks illustrated resilience by clawing back previous losses as comments from European Central Bank economist Peter Praet led to elevatedThe rapidly fading expectations of more than two US rate rises in 2016 following the unexpected dovish FOMC meeting minutes has left the Dollar Engineering Resilience versus Ecological Resilience. C. S. HOLLING. ECOSYSTEM STRUCTURE AND FUNCTION Ecological science has been shaped largely by the biological sciences.Critical processes function at radically different rates covering several orders of magnitude, and these rates Расчитывается по формуле: Damage reduction percentage 100 effective resistance rating / ( K effective resistance ratingВ результате дисбаланс в ПвП, лишний рейтинг для спеллкастеров - спд, хаст, крит, ресайленс. Ресайленс происходит от английского слова resilience, что в переводе означает устойчивость. Что такое ресайленс? Это параметр сопротивления урону от других игроков или мобов. Что понижает этот параметр? Resilience is a character attribute that reduces all damage taken from players and their pets or minions. This is the bread and butter PvP stat. The reduction has no effect on the damage taken from mobs. It was replaced by PvP Resilience in the Mists of Pandaria expansion. Quantifying Breathability. The second number, normally following the water- resistance rating, indicates how breathable a jacket is. Expressed in grams, it represents how much water vapor can move through one square meter of fabric, from inside to out, in a 24-hour period. WoW: Resilience Rating in 4.0.1. 7 лет назад в категории wow.

20 less damage taken overall by players, pets, minions. If I had to take a guess, I would have said that its the resilience of the software to external elements, but I thought better of that because I felt like that is sort of the security testing realm.Rate this topic. Choose rating 1 star 2 star 3 star 4 star 5 star. resistance rating. Техника: номинальное сопротивление.

Универсальный англо-русский словарь.Смотреть что такое "resistance rating" в других словарях resilience rzlns , resiliency rzlns n. 1> упрУгость, эластИчность 2> спосОбность бЫстро восстанАвливать физИческие и душЕвные сИлы 3> тех. упрУгая деформАция удАрная вЯзкость. Coastal and marine ecosystems are affected by environmental disturbance at a variety of spatio-temporal scales. The organisms inhabiting these systems are adapted to such disturbance, either by being tolerant of these conditions or by playing a role in one or more of the successional stages that Ресайленс - Что такое Ресайленс? Ресайленс от английского resilience устойчивость к урону, получаемому от других игроков. Устойчивость присутствует на вещах, предназначенных специально для ПвП сражений. У персонажей нет первоначальной гибкости. Она может быть получена только из внешних источников то есть, за счет снаряжения, эликсиров, улучшений, камней и некоторых заклинаний, которые дают resilience rating. A better quality of budget institutions, higher tax revenue and education spending, and lower current spending (particularly military spending), are associated with significant increases in the CPIA rating and with the probability of reaching the threshold of resilience.

Resilience, on the other hand, refers to a systems ability to adapt to failures and to resume normal operations when the failure has been resolved.Register now with code NOJITTEREB to save 200 Off Advance Rates or get a FREE Expo Pass! Ads by Google. Resilience, US-Altar of Storms. Общее. История.Логи. Рейтинги. Подгрузить низкоуровневых персонажей This mitigation percentage assumes combat against an equal-level foe and is based on your Armor Value and your Magic Resistance Rating.More CC Resilience, shorter the CC duration. EditFocus Stats. Focus Recovery Rate- This is the amount of Focus you regenerate each second while in combat. Более точная инфа про рейтинги: Weapon Skill Rating: 3.9 очков рейтинга преобразуются в 1 skill point Defense Rating: 2.4 очка рейтинга преобразуются в 1 defense skill Dodge Rating: 18.9 очков рейтинга Princetons WordNet(3.00 / 2 votes)Rate this definition: resilience, resiliency(noun). the physical property of a material that can return to its original shape or position after deformation that does not exceed its elastic limit. Подробная информация о ПАММ-счете Resilience Gold Welcome to this system. Инвестирование в ПАММ-счета — отличный вариант для получения пассивного дохода.Создайте свой продукт. Что такое структурированные продукты. Залоговые счета. PvP Resilience is a PvP stat found on pre-Warlords of Draenor items that reduces damage taken from other players and their pets and minions. It is the counterpart of PvP Power, which increases damage dealt and healing done to other players. Однако, наша колонка новостей напоминает вам, что такое может случиться с каждым. Берегите себя и своих близких, полукровки.ВЫЛАЗКА Первая линия - очередь Анастейши Феницис Вторая линия - очередь Марии Хепберн. Resistance. fire resistance rating. Feuerwiderstandsdauer f. Англо-немецкий словарь. Рейтинг статьи: Комментарии: Оставить комментарий.Определение термина fire resistance rating. Похожие слова. firths. Research shows that these factors promote resilience and are the basic foundation for good mental health. Instructions: Please choose to rate either yourself, your child, or your family. Remember to keep the person/people being rated consistent for all the items. Hurricane Damage to a Hawaiian Forest: Nutrient Supply Rate Affects Resistance and Resilience. Functional Ecology of Soil Organisms in Tundra Ecosystems: Towards the Future. Understanding the Complexity of Economic, Ecological, and Social Systems. 400 PvP Resilience. This is an Uncategorized Spell. Added in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. Always up to date with the latest patch (7.3.2).0 seconds. Effect. Apply Aura: Mod Rating (). Value: 400. Может Resistance ???Ресайленс вообще переводится с английского как Пластичность. В вове он даёт уменьшение урона от критических ударов, ослабление эффектов drain и уменьшение шанса получить критический удар. 20 Resilience Rating. Improving Resilience with Building Rating Systems.Resilience is Sustainability. As awareness of resiliency and the impact of building performance in businesses and communities continues to develop, the market value of buildings with good performance ratings will increase. Resilience is the capacity to adapt to changing conditions and to maintain or regain functionality and vitality in the face of stress or disturbance.U.S. Green Building Council Adopts the RELi Rating System. Is There a Silver Lining in the Clouds of Hurricane Irma? Английский. resilience. 1. то же, что resiliency гибкость, упругость, эластичность. 2. устойчивость (к внешним воздействиям). 3. способность быстро восстанавливать прежнее физическое и душевное состояние. 4. техн. упругая деформация ударная вязкость. Building Resilience Rating Tool. This service has been deprecated, Please visit www.resilient.property.The rating you see at the top of the page is the resilience rating of the generic class of building material to a particular hazard. Resilience Esports Indonesia 0. GG elo rating 1,000. World rank 298. Total earnings Improve your homes resilience. Improving your homes resilience can lead to lower insurance premiums. Resilience понижает шанс получения крита и урон, полученный от критов. Our approach to resilience is based on a simple economic rationale: communities have a quantifiable level of functional capacity. In a crisis situation, that capacity declines at a rate and to a depth that is largely dependent upon the nature of the disruption Нормальный ножик - Spyderco Resilience - Duration: 5:42. Моё Хобби (Vose13) 4,630 views. The Resilience-based Earthquake Design Initiative (REDi) Rating System, developed by Arups Advanced Technology and Research team, proposes a framework for owners, architects, and engineers to implement resilience-based earthquake design. Information and best practice sharing will benefit, as will the adoption rate of the resilience measurements discipline. The second report represents a first step towards addressing this recommendation. The inherent oxidation resistance and elevated temperature strength of stainless steels finds useful application in buildings and structures where fire resistance is important.As materials, stainless steels, do not have an intrinsic fire rating. What does it mean to optimise for resilience? Why is resilience so valuable to an organization, and how can operability contribute towards it?User analytics show success rates for user journeys. Response - Feature Toggles allow features to be limited, tested in isolation, or turned off on failure Resilience generally means the ability to recover from some shock or disturbance. There are different meanings for. resilience in psychology: the mental ability to recover quickly from depression, illness or misfortune. resilience of a material: the physical property of material that can resume its shape after Resilience is a physical quantity which can be measured and it reflects the capacity of a system to withstand impacts, shocks and extreme events. Resilience may be measured for all systems or artifacts, such as corporations, asset portfolios, markets or national economies. Примеры перевода, содержащие resilience Русско-английский словарь и система поиска по миллионам русских переводов.expert-rating.com.ua. Кредитный рейтинг компании или ее долговых инструментов, а также любая часть информации, содержащейся. In some fields the term resilience has been technically used in a narrow sense to refer to the return rate to equilibrium upon a perturbation (called engineering resilience by Holling in 1996). However, many complex systems. Палец. Уровень предмета: 1. Если на персонаже: Рейтинг устойчивости 1500 (4197.37 L1). Этот предмет не доступен игрокам.спасибо, нигде столько не читал о [QA Test Finger 1500 Resilience Rating] - Предмет - World of Warcraft в wow. Rate it: PRISM. Performance Resilience Integration Security And Manageability.Rate it: GRIT. Growth Resilience Integrity And Tenacity. 50 Attack Power and 20 Resilience Rating. Yes, you continue to see less damage reduction per rating of resilience as you get more of it. No, we dont see a "cap" within obtainable amounts of resilience. 100 resilience 1 DR at 3929 resilience. What is software resilience testing? Software testing, in general, involves many different techniques and methodologies to test every aspect of the softwareSince you can never ensure a 100 rate of avoiding failure for software, you should provide functions for recovery from disruptions in your software.

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